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My name is Pritha and I am from India. Currently, I am doing my master’s in International Educational Development Program from the University of Pennsylvania. As a part of my master’s requirement, I am here in Malawi doing an internship for three months. The purpose of this blog is to capture my work as well as my experiences living in Malawi.


Under the “Malawi from an Indian” category, there are three subcategories under which you can find my posts.

  • Malawi: Fact sheet – I realise that not everyone is aware of Malawi. Even I wasn’t for the longest period of time. The posts in this category will provide the readers with some facts about the country.
  • Living in Malawi – As the name suggests, my experiences living in Malawi will be captured under this category.
  • Retaining Girls in Schools – As a part of my internship, I will be evaluating the impact of the interventions that ActionAid Malawi has undertaken to retain girls in schools. If you are interested to know more about the work, you will find relevant posts under this category.

I  would love to hear your thoughts or any suggestions that you may have for me. Please feel free to write down your comments here. Zikomo (thank you) for taking the time to read my blog.

Disclaimer: The blog posts are solely the author’s opinions and do not reflect the views of the University of Pennsylvania, the UPenn Graduate School of Education, the International Educational Development Program or ActionAid Malawi.